Energy Plus Water Filter

Energy Plus Water Filter

Energy Plus Water Filter

The Energy Plus is a four-stage water filtration system that’s capable of providing you with healthy, alkaline water that’s free of potentially harmful contaminants.

Unlike expensive reverse-osmosis systems, this under-sink filter uses a combination of activated carbon, alkaline minerals and natural bioceramics to transform your water and, as a result, it produces no waste water, and requires no storage tank.

The natural technologies employed by the energy plus do still offer an unprecedentedly high contaminant removal rate, and can be used to reliably eliminate many unwanted impurities from your water, including:

  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Lead and other heavy metals
  • Hardness
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Cysts
  • Dissolved organic contaminants such as benzene, pesticide residues and THM’s.

Thanks to its special alkalizing filter, the energy plus can also significantly increase the pH of your drinking water by adding alkaline minerals like magnesium, zinc and iron.

How can the Healthy, Alkaline Water Produced by the Energy Plus Help to Support Your Health?

Because it can purify and alkalize your water, the Energy Plus can be used to help restore your bodies optimum acid-alkaline balance, and also to encourage the proper detoxification of your cells. The many alkaline minerals that it supplies can play a further part in catalysing vital enzymatic reactions throughout your body, which has the dual effect of increasing your energy levels, and improving the oxygenation of your cells.

According to Dr Robert Young, a leading biochemist and the author of the pH Miracle range of books, drinking alkaline, healthy water of the sort produced by the Energy Plus is the single most important thing that we can do in terms of maintaining and establishing healthy cells, tissues and organs throughout the body.

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Energy Plus Water Filter With Modern Tap

Energy Plus Water Filter With Modern Tap

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Energy Plus Replacement Filter Pack

Energy Plus Replacement Filter Pack

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the Energy Plus water filtration system is easy to fit. It should be connected to the existing feed pipe of your cold water tap, and then connect the pipework supplied from the filter to the drinking water tap. Should you require any help or guidance in regards to fitting your Energy Plus water filtration system, just call us on 01764 662111

The Energy Plus Water filtration system uses a number of different components to filter, clean and energize your water. These components include:

  1. An ultrafiltration membrane cartridge
  2. A media bed of a special high purity alloy of 2 dissimilar metals - copper and zinc. 
  3. A bed of Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC).
  4. a bed of special bioceramic media balls which alkalise and ionize the water and increase the pH.
  5. a special blend of far infrared mineral balls. .
  6.  a special grade of activated carbon
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Modern Tap
The Modern Tap

The Energy Plus water filter can be supplied with one of two taps - either the sleek, minimalist modern tap, or a more traditional model, depending entirely upon your personal tastes.

The Energy Plus water filter has got four Cartridges which require to be changed. The first cartridge the Ultrafiltration membrane should be changed every 3 years, the remaining 3 should be changed annually. They are;

1. An ultrafiltration membrane cartridge. This cartridge filters down to 0.2micron and removes silt, rust, colloids, proteins, bacteria, viruses, pathogenic protoza and cysts from the water. It is a physical barrier that does not use any chemicals.

2. The second stage filter has multiple steps. Firstly the water flows through a media bed of a special high purity alloy of 2 dissimilar metals - copper and zinc. This media is a significant advance in water treatment technology using a combination of electro plating and spontaneous- oxidation reduction principles. Chlorine is instantaneously and almost inexhaustibly oxidised. This results in at least 99% removal of chlorine from the water. Other contaminants such as iron and hydrogen sulphide are oxidised and plated onto the surface of the media. Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium and aluminium are removed from the water as a result of the electrochemical process. They are attracted to the media surface, much like a magnet. The media inhibits bacterial growth and reduces lime scale. Next the water flows through a bed of ion exchange resins, which further reduce any dissolved heavy metals and reduce water hardness. It further goes through a media bed of a high capacity synthetic absorbent media that is highly selective for the removal of fluoride, arsenic and lead. The water then passes through a bed of Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC). This is a very effective absorbent for a wide range of organic contaminants such as benzene, pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic compounds, trihalomethanes (THM's) and other organic compounds that could be found in the unfiltered water. This multi stage approach gives high level reductions of a wide range of contaminants.

3. The third cartridge comprises an alkaline ionizing stage. The filtered water passes through a bed of special bioceramic media balls which alkalise and ionize the water and increase the pH. Then the water passes through a blend of far infrared mineral balls. Far infrared energy is extensively used in the Far East because of its therapeutic properties. As the water passes through this media bed the water ‘picks up’ this beneficial energy and improves the structure of the water.

4. The final cartridge has a combination of more alkaline minerals, more infrared minerals and a special grade of activated carbon to help remove any unpleasant taste or odours from the water; giving you water that is clean, fresh, energised and healthy.

The unique combinations of membrane filtration and special media filtration gives you a high performance filtration system that removes a huge range of contaminants. Then the water is alkalized and energised giving you clean healthy water.

How Often Do I Need To Change The Filters In My Energy Plus Water Filter?

Energy Plus Water Filter replacement filter lifespan and costs are as follows;

  1. Ultra Filtration - Every 3 Years - £51.75
  2. Multiple Stage - Every Year - £72.75
  3. Alkalising and Ionizing - Every Year - £72.75
  4. Final Carbon/ Alkalising/ Energising - Every Year - £42.75

The Energy Plus Water Filter measures 40 x 40 x 15 cm. It fits easily under your sink without taking up to much space. No electrical connection is necessary.   It comes complete with the drinking water tap shown. Should you prefer you can choose the drinking water tap shown on the McCoy filter details. Just state on the notes section of your order if you would prefer the alternative tap.

Order Online Or Over The Phone - Whichever Suits You Best

You can order your Energy Plus Water Filter using the button below, or by calling us on 01764 662111 . We will also be more than happy to help should you require any further information in respect to fitting or installation.