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Foods for Life Recommends

Welcome to Foods for Life Recommends. In our nutrition clinics we have found a need for our clients to be able to easily access products which we really like and find effective. Some of these products or supplements are easy to order and will be recommended to you on your supplement programme, others are less easy to find so we have created this site to make that more convenient. These are not our products and the text about the products has been written by the suppliers and not ourselves. If you have any questions please do get in touch.

The product links to the left provide details of a range of products which you make like to consider, the products we most frequently recommend in clinic are the Biocera products and the Vibrant Health products. You may also want to look at the Omega Nutrition products.

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For more information, please select one of the product-specific links on the left, or continue browsing to learn more about the range:

Biocera Products

Using a unique combination of natural bioceramics, Biocera’s alkaline antioxidant jug and other products filter your tap water, alkalising it, giving the water antioxidant properties and improving the structure for better hydration. Whereas most commonly available jug filters acidify water by removing beneficial minerals, Biocera filters typically raise the pH of tap water from 7.0 to between 9.0 to 9.5.

Biocera’s bioceramic water filters also have antibacterial properties, and are designed to improve human metabolic function and natural healing, primarily through the addition of subtle far infra-red energy.

Biocera products are BPA free and they are dedicated to finding safe and natural ways to improve people’s health, without damaging the environment, and they are the first company to ever receive international NSF certification for their bioceramic technologies.

Vibrant Health Products

Vibrant Health are an American company that have been formulating nutrient dense green super-foods since 1992.

Vibrant Health’s green super-food blends offer a powerful range of nutrients in both children’s (Green Vibrance Junior) and adult formulas. Our favourite adult blend is Maximum Vibrance which combines the key Vibrance products (Green Vibrance, Pure Green Protein and Rainbow Vibrance plus lots more) in one shake base which we recommend as a super easy and quick breakfast or as a half portion for snacks. It includes plant protein with the full complement of amino acids but avoiding over-used soya and dairy protein, greens and algae, organic vitamins and minerals, probiotics and digestive enzymes. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Omega Nutrition Products

Essential fatty acids from plant foods are an essential, not just desirable, part of a healthy diet but many of the available products are not sold in their safest form where they start out excellent quality and then protect the delicate fats from oxidation through incorrect storage methods.

Omega Nutrition were the first company to introduce certified organic flax oil nearly 25 years ago. Omega Nutrition are committed to using organic ingredients whenever possible, and they have set the standard for flax oilmanufacture with their innovative use of cold-pressing techniques and light protected packaging(please see here for more details click here).

The omega-flow process that they use to produce flax seed oil protects highly reactive essential fatty acids from excessive heat, light and oxygen during processing and bottling, and this attention to detail is reflected in the superior quality and taste of the products.

A range of oils is available including Flax Seed Oil (the recommended brand of flax oil for those undergoing cancer treatments according to the Gerson protocol), Hemp Seed Oil, a 3-6-9 blend and Organic Coconut Oil which is ideal for cooking.